Jun 7, 2009
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Teen Crossdressers

Teen crossdressers


You'd be forgiven for thinking that a site called CDFun was about music because not everyone would immediately understand that it's about cross-dressing.


The cross-dressers at CDFun are young and effeminate and they're the real thing which means that they live the life that you see and they're not playacting or pretending, they are cross-dressers. The guys that they service however are all different ages and much of the sex is interracial whilst being fun at the same time and the owners of the site do well at finding a balance.

The site is really easy to get around which is always nice because having great content that nobody can find is no good to anyone. The content is both hardcore and softcore and I was taken aback a little to find some other fetishes along with the cross-dressing such as bondage. The hardcore vids mostly start off with the cross dresser either jerking off or giving head to one or two guys after which he gets his ass reamed by at least one of them.

The softcore vids focus more on the guys getting into their pretty frocks, suspenders and panties and putting on their makeup etc. and they're surprisingly interesting and help you to better understand the cross-dressing lifestyle.

Across the top of every page on the site are big clickable button that will take you to the following locations.


The updates all are all dated and are being made every 5-6 days and you can immediately watch a whole movie or check out a short trailer which I found to be a very nice option.


Many of the men look better and sexier when they're dressed as women and you can search for the models by name, country or age group and at the time of writing all them were from either Argentina or Russia. There were close to one hundred different models and each one had his own photoset which contained between 80-100 photos that were professionally taken and weren't vidcaps and they measured 1280x1024 and could be downloaded in zip format.

Clicking on the big thumbnails of the models will take you to the model's page where you can choose to view his pictures or videos.


There were over one hundred movies at the time of my visit that ran between 25-30 minutes and there is the option of streaming or downloading them in one piece or in six separate parts. The videos are in WMV format and the downloadable videos are display at 720x406 whereas the streaming ones display at 512x288. Additionally some of the available movies are HQ 720x405 and the picture and sound quality is good to very good and there's no DRM.


Almost every video has its own story and I found it nice to check out some photos and then read a story after which I'd watch a video if it caught my fancy.

TOP 20

It's possible to vote on the videos so the Top 20 page has pictures and links to the current most popular models and their videos.


The forum is one of the busiest that I've come across and there are lots of different sections and many readers are interested in the most intimate cross-dresser secrets including such things as how to put on makeup etc. Many of the forum members also submit their own pictures, videos and stories and there are lots of them!

Many members of CDFun are likely to renew for a second month and if they do then they'll get bonus access to any one of,,,, or I'm familiar with all the sites and free membership to one of them makes the idea of signing up for an additional month a very attractive one.


If you enjoy the niche then you should love the site because it's well put together and there's a lot of attention to detail and CDFun is by no means just another gay hardcore site and it has a lot more to offer than most of them. The cute cross-dressers in high-heeled shoes, dresses and stockings have hardcore fun with their friends and you can't watch the softcore vids or read the stories without gaining a far better understanding of the cross-dresser lifestyle. A very good selection of videos, pictures and stories, regular updates and an active forum, plus bonuses makes CD fun a very welcome addition to a niche which certainly needed another heavyweight on the block.

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