Jul 11, 2009
Jackoff In Lingerie

Crossdresser sex

crossdresser sex

In A Nutshell

Jack of Lingerie is very different to other cross-dressing sites because its emphasis is on masculine looking men, and not on pretty boys that look like girls even before they put on the makeup, lingerie and pretty frocks. The site mixes soft and hardcore sex, with a lot of fun and it manages to be really interesting at the same time, all of which means that if you enjoy the niche that you should love the site.

What's Inside

The first page that one sees upon entering the member's areas is the amateur pictures one, and it contains clickable thumbs that will take you to different galleries, each of which contains around 40 high quality pictures, and there are lingerie galleries down one side of the page and panty galleries down the other.

Each picture in every gallery is clickable and opens up a full size high quality image, and the content includes, posing, masturbation, piercing and hardcore.

At the top of the every page is a link that will start a slideshow if that's your preference, and you can leave your comments too which is a nice touch.

Right across the top and bottom of every page on the site is a main menu which makes navigating around the site really easy and it contains;

Pictures: All ~ Lingerie ~ Panties ~ Panty Paul's and Video: HDV ~ Amateurs ~ Panty Paul's ~ Other ~ Bonuses: Comics.

In addition to the main menu at the bottom of every page, is a link to customer service, and I sent an email with a question and got a really fast and friendly reply, which is always nice.

Moving on, I'll now go through the various buttons on the menu and tell you where they take you.

Clicking on 'All' doesn't take you anywhere if you're already on the 'entry page' because it takes you to the entry page which is described above.

The reason it's called 'All' is because it provides links to both the panties and lingerie stills, whereas the Lingerie and Panties links simply take you to either one or the other of those archives.

Panty Paul's takes you to a selection of galleries containing a macho looking guy with a big beard that wears all kinds of sexy lingerie, and jerks off for his pleasure and yours.

Clicking on the first video link takes you very quickly to the HDV videos which are obviously high quality, and there's a selection of blonde and brunette guys that perform in vids that average around 14 minutes each.

The second video link takes you to the amateur vids section where you'll find a whole selection of indoor and outdoor clips of masturbation and cums shots, and the Panty Paul's link takes you to Paul's videos which are lingerie and masturbation orientated.

The next to last link entitled "Other" takes you to the biggest section on the site, and it has tons of soft and hardcore vids that feature guys of all shapes and sizes that cross-dress, suck and fuck. When you click on a still you get taken very quickly to a new page where the video will almost instantly play when you hit the play button, and it also contains links to related videos, plus ads for some other sites in the same and similar genres

The last link takes you to a bonus section with a link to another site called Cross Dress Comics which you can access using the same user name and password that you used for Jack Off Lingerie.

Suffice it to say that the comics are gorgeous, there are lots of them and the site is getting updated on a regular basis, and if you want to know more about it then you can find reviews all over the web.

You won't however find many other cross-dressing comic sites on the web, if you can find any at all.


Cross-dressing sites are extremely popular right now and Jack Off Lingerie certainly ranks up there with the best of them.
Gays and bisexuals will obviously love the site, but if you're straight and the whole thing sounds dreadful, then go take a look at it anyway, and you might be surprised at how much fun the site really is.

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